Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area

The main attraction is the Devil's Sinkhole itself. It is a vertical cavern with an opening measuring approximately 40x60 feet and a vertical drop to the main cavern of about 140 feet. The main cavern is circular and reaches a total depth of 350-400 feet. Tours are given nightly from the town of Rocksprings. Every night millions of bats fly out just before dusk.   It is amazing to watch them, they look like smoke, there are so many.


South Llano River

The South Llano River start s flowing just north of Rocksprings on 377, near the town of Telegraph.   The river flows rapidly through several private ranches toward the town of Junction, TX.    Floating sections of the river on tire tubes is a must vacation.    The scenery is life changing, the water is cool and glass clear. Usually, you have the whole river to yourself. Why would anyone go to New Braunfels?


Lake Amistad Recreation Area

A pretty good secret, until recently, when the area became known for the many nationally televised bass fishing tournaments, this lake is a very special find in Texas. With its deep clear cool water, and rocky cliff banks, you will never have to worry about crowds.   The lake is a skiers paradise, just one hour south of the Rocking O Ranch on US route 277.


The Three Sisters

US routes 335, 336, and 337 have been dubbed the Three sisters, and are well known as the coolest roads in Texas. Every year, thousands of motorcyclists take on the “sisters”, claiming to be able to see their own taillights, as you wind through the Western portion of the Texas Hill Country. You don’t have to stop there, 377 is a pretty special ride from Junction to Brackettville. There are a lot of really cool roads in this part of Texas, and unless you have experienced them, you probably think Texas is flat.

Local Attractions

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