Summer Exotic Hunts

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Blackbuck antelope are native to northern India, and have adopted well to the conditions at our ranch.   These animals like to hang out in open fields, and feel most comfortable using their speed to avoid danger.  They are prolific breeders, at least doubling, and sometimes tripling herd size each year.   Only males have horns, and they get to be about 25 inches in about five years.   The mature adult males fur gets darker every year.  They are truly a beautiful animal.   My daughter (above) , Elizabeth (8), retrieved this animal for one of our corporate customers.


On the left, a close friend gets a trophy.

We also have several trophy Axis on the Rocking O Ranch.   Axis, like white tail have antlers, and every year, the racks usually get larger.   I have always been told that an axis will come into hard horn at the same time every year.  I happen to believe that the axis herd will selectively have males go into rut at various times, allowing for multiple dominant males to exist in each herd.  Therefore, if one specific male dominates another, the subordinate male may actually modify its cycle, as to have its period of dominance.   Others will disagree,  but they are wrong.  The largest Axis males can be found in late summer and early fall.  The antlers usually measure over 30 inches, and animals weigh up to 300 lbs.  The Axis coat is beautiful.


Both Axis and Antelope are very healthy providers of red meat.  Both animals are nearly fat free, low in cholesterol and lack hormones or pesticides.  Once you have enjoyed these animals, you will think twice about the steaks you buy at the grocery store.