We established a company in 2002 called “Texas Cedar Clearing”. It started out as just my partner Paul Marrs. However, we now have six tractors, two dump trucks, a water truck, a motor grader, a vibratory roller, and lots of other cool stuff for turning raw land into parks.

Cedar Clearing

To contact us:

Phone: (713) 818-0141

Email:  Jeff.OBlock@gmail.com 

Paul Marrs  (pictured to the right) has been my business partner for over  seven years.

Texas Cedar Clearing started out as a road building cedar clearing company based out of Johnson City Texas.    One thing lead to another, and we ended up getting into the seismic business.    That worked out real well for us, until Natural Gas prices went below $4.00/MCF.   So once again, we are building roads and clearing  cedar.   We just have a lot more equipment than we used to.  Let us bid your next road project or clearing project.   We have tons of great references, and we will go anywhere in the Loan Star State.